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Your health and safety should never be compromised by your prescription medications.  As evidence emerges linking the bisphosphonate drug Fosamax to femur fractures, countless victims have been put at risk.  If you are one of the loyal consumers now facing debilitating side effects from your medication, a Fosamax lawyer can help. 

Understanding your legal rights

When it comes to defective drugs like Fosamax, understanding your legal rights is critical for securing the compensation you deserve from the drug makers who put your health at risk. Victims of broken leg bones caused by drugs such as Fosamax have legal rights, and experienced attorneys know how to hold powerful pharmaceutical companies accountable for their negligence or oversight.

Fosamax Attorney

A knowledgeable Fosamax attorney can guide you through the complex legal system so that you can secure the answers and the assistance that you are entitled to.  Defective drug attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of medical and legal matters, and a Fosamax attorney is intimately familiar with the drug and can help fight to protect your rights and can help you secure compensation to offset medical expenses and other financial burdens caused by ONJ or other dangerous side effects. 

Compensation and monetary awards for victims and families

Suffering from serious complications such a broken leg bone creates financial struggle as well as physical and emotional anguish.  Compensation and monetary awards for victims and families can alleviate financial anxieties while providing security for the future as well.

How We can Help

We know how powerful pharmaceutical companies work and we know how to fight for your rights - inside and outside of the courtroom.  Our firm has an extensive knowledge of the complexities involved in medical matters and we have a wealth of resources to take on drug makers and hold them accountable.  We have a history of victories in defective drug matters, and we know how to give you and your family the best legal representation possible.

About our Law Firms

Steigerwalt & Associates can provide Fosamax victims and their families with the highest level of epresentation available in the country.  Combined, Steigerwalt & Associates have secured numerous recoveries for clients and are dedicated to ensuring that consumer safety is protected at all costs. Steigerwalt & Associates have the passion and the resources necessary to successfully fight powerful pharmaceutical companies and other large corporations.

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